Leaked LDS Prop 8 Memo: “The work depends on us”

Recently, a page of lnternal LDS Notes on Prop 8 was released on the Internet.  In the first paragraph,

Elders Ballard, Christopherson [sic] & Clayton met last week with leaders of the Coalition for 2 hours. The brethren emphasized that there wasn’t much participation from non-LDS people. The work depends on us.

Elders Ballard and Christofferson are members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, second only to the First Presidency in LDS Church hierarchy; Elder Clayton is a member of the Presidency of the Seventy.  These words are unequivocal: “there wasn’t much participation from non-LDS people.”

In addition to providing about half of the funding for ProtectMarriage.org, this memo makes clear that the LDS Church understood that its members were primarily responsible for the corresponding volunteer effort.  Moreover, Church officials at the highest levels were involved in organizing this volunteer effort.

Why are people singling out the LDS Church?  Because they were singular in their support for Prop 8.

Why does this have anything to do with tax-exempt status?  Because the IRS considers volunteer effort when determining whether an organization meets the “no substantial part” test.


8 Responses to Leaked LDS Prop 8 Memo: “The work depends on us”

  1. Mormons vs Gays due to California Prop. 8…

    More evidence against the Mormon church:
    Leaked LDS Prop 8 Memo: ……

  2. Nephi says:

    Leaked out information? The LDS leaders were being proactive about a cause they believe in, they encouraged members to support their values and the church itself never donated any money. Why do the Mormons feel so strong about Prop 8? Consider this….. I apologize in advance for all those who I offend, but this is coming from the Mormon perspective.

    Either God exists or he doesn’t. Mormons believe that he does exist as our Heavenly Father, the literal father of our spirits.
    Either life exists beyond mortality or it doesn’t. Mormons believe that it does, and that Gods purpose is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of his children. This life is a probationary state, kind of a testing period in which we will be accountable for our choices and actions. We will be judged based on the sins we commit and the lives we live.
    Either the Mormon Church does have the truth or it doesn’t. Mormons believe that they do have the truth revealed from God through their prophets. It is their duty to share this truth with others to help them inherit salvation.
    Either homosexual behavior is a sin or it isn’t. Mormons believe that it is, and those who commit this sin are jeopardizing their potential happiness in the eternities.

    There are hundreds of members of the LDS church, many of them who are married (heterosexually) who struggle with same gender attraction.

    If government and society say that this behavior and activity are acceptable, it is easier for people struggling with these attractions to rationalize that it is acceptable behavior. Fence sitters will sway and the fundamental family unit (not that it isn’t already in awful shape with divorces, single family home, teenage parents, etc.) will accelerate towards a downward spiral of destruction.

    Once again I’m sorry for all those who are offended by my comments. Many Gay families are much better parents and better people than heterosexuals.

    The issue for the Mormons is about saving souls. It’s about doing what they believe is best for the salvation of as many as Gods children as possible. Either its true or it isn’t and God is the only source for real truth.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Well we can see that Nephi has definitely been brainwashed behind the Zion curtain. When he uses his either or argumentation (very black and white) I wonder is he an Evangelical Christian or is he really a Mormon? Joseph Smith taught in the King Follet Discourse that there really is no hell as we know it. He also explained that there are many degrees of glory not a heaven and hell scenario that sounds far more like what Protestants and Catholics teach than what makes Mormonism unique. Yes God is the source of truth but that truth is far more expansive and infinite than you can understand or comprehend. He is also far more liberal in His views and boundless in His mercies than we are ready to believe or receive as Joseph said. The grace of Christ is infinite and to apply dogma to gay and lesbian people’s lives is so wrong and extremely narrow and is completely blind to the variety and diversity of God’s creations. All we are asked to do is love God and love our fellow beings not take away their rights and try to push dogma onto them forcing them to live the way we see fit. That plan sounds more like the one Satan wanted than it does the freedom of choice that God grants all of us.

  4. Susanne says:

    If people can influence laws in another state, based on their religious beliefs, why not have Saudi moslems pour their money into the United States to make veils mandatory?

  5. Jadvar says:

    Nephi, I think it might be helpful to you and other LDS believers to consider the flaw in your logic as I see it

    ***There is no such thing as “fence sitters”***

    That simple fact may be why, in all six western nations that have legalized same sex marriage, heterosexual marriage rates have actually risen slightly, not fallen, among heterosexual cohabitating couples and divorce rates have fallen slightly, not risen. Turns out that offering equal civil rights benefits all of society, not just the minority being offered equal rights.

    Almost everyone who can exist in a heterosexual world, with any degree of comfort, does. A significant number of those who can’t, still try to … with disastrous results (I hope I don’t need to name names here). Arguing otherwise simply does not stand up to any serious scrutiny. If you aren’t aware of the extreme, even violent, homophobia that exists in the most “liberal” parts of the USA, then you simply aren’t paying attention. Arguing that people would choose to expose themselves to that hate and violence if they had ANY other workable choice is misinformed. Google violent hate crimes and homosexual, gay, lesbian, or transgendered any day of the year, and see how many hits you get from CURRENT news sources.

    Consider those violent hate crimes next time you hear a member of the LDS church complain about “persecution” because of their pro prop-8 efforts. I’m fully aware of Mormon history when it comes to violent crimes committed against it in its formative years and, if we’re being honest here, by it (eg The Mountain Meadows Massacre). Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m simply unaware of any Mormons beaten beyond recognition, then tied to a fence in freezing Wyoming weather to die of exposure lately. That is why complaints of “persecution” will be met with dismissive disgust from any minority that does currently continue to suffer from both violent hate crimes and discrimination at the ballot box in our most populous state because of a Proposition mostly funded by members of your church.

  6. Panos says:

    Romans 6:1-2
    1What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?

    @ Benjamin: Nephi is Mormon, and everything he said was in love. You are slightly mistaken about their being no Hell in Mormon theology, there is what is known as “Outer Darkness”. It is different from the catholic/protestant Hell, but similar in respects to not getting to go to one of the heavenly realms.
    Also, in your comment you seem to have a “God is mercy so sin all you want” attitude… While I can’t be the judge of anyone, I would strongly caution that this is not something God would smile upon. Only God knows an individuals heart enough to judge them, so be very careful if you choose to walk the road of “Endless Mercy”

    @ Nephi: Thank you for your post, you represented people of faith wonderfully, people need to know we aren’t haters, but that we want the best for people regardless of what they “think” they need. I am not Mormon, but I am a Christian and I appreciate all the work the LDS does in regards to the righteousness of America.

    @ Jadvar: It’s true the LDS have some questionable history, but God doesn’t change. He has always been pro-heterosexual. The devil’s primary objective is to make as close a replication of God’s creation as possible, God created “One man, One woman” The devil distorts with “Two men or Two Women” It is always a distortion of God’s perfect plan.

    Just because homosexuality is becoming more “socially acceptable” doesn’t mean we need to write it into law. What if in the future polygamy or pedophilia was to become more “socially acceptable? At that time you should thank the LDS church (maybe not for polygamy :P) for standing up with the rest of the God fearing nation in saying that they will not allow this to be written into law. God’s ways are better than our, we need to understand that and accept that it’s “One man, one woman” for a reason.

  7. Yaro Kasear says:

    @Panos – Just because it doesn’t have to be written into law doesn’t mean we should write AGAINST it in law, either. Yet that’s what the Mormons are doing.

    By the way, I am not tolerant of religion when it comes to rationalizing socially unacceptable policy and doctrine, homophobia included. “It’s what their religious beliefs are” is no defense. The first amemdment is not the right NOT to be criticised for speech, religion, creed, etc.

    The Mormons have a right to believe what they want like anyone else. This does NOT cover them with anti-criticism teflon coating or even remotely excuse them from being reprehensible homophobes and bigots, which is what they are being, especially in the General Authorities. Freedom of religion is NOT a defense against CRITICISM of religion. So lay off the “they’re just exercising their freedom.” IT’s no defense. Last I checked you can’t legally fire someone because they are BLACK simply because of religious beliefs in this country.

    Amazing how often people try to intentionally misinterpret the First Amendment to conveniently wash over their own personality flaws and bigotry.

    Note how convenient it was for them to drop polygamy and racism from their doctrine when it started to look politically incorrect for them to practice it. Now it’s beginning to look politically incorrect for them to practice homophobia, which is EXACTLY what they are doing.

  8. Yaro Kasear says:

    @Panos – Also, I wasn’t aware violating tax exempt status and contributing money to a frankly prejudicial cause like Proposition 8 was at all in “righteousness.” How “righteous” is it to deny equal rights to a minority?

    Of course, you being Christian, I’m really not surprised. Christians, especially in the US, are very skin deep about the actual VALUES of Christ. You thump a Bible, you claim Jesus loves everybody, etc, then you go and claim the Mormons were being in the right for being a whole religion of bigots. VERY Christlike.

    But again, that’s typical of Christians, especially in the US. They go from ‘love one another, we are all the same’ to ‘homosexuals don’t deserve any rights because they are sinners.’ Despite the fact that homosexuality is not a choice but an actual component of one’s identity. They’re people. Most, if not all, proud to be who they are. Yet, again, in typical American Christian form, you go for the judgmental option and assume that since someone says it under the veil of religion they are completely above reproach. Screw you.

    As I said, the First Amendment is NOT a shield against criticism or even legal action. You practice something that violates or prevents someone from their actual basic human rights and try to say it’s because of your “Christian beliefs” then I’m going to say you’re an asshole and challenge you to show me WHERE in the New Testament Jesus told us to be vindictive bastards toward minorities simply because we don’t like them.

    That’s what you’re doing. That’s what Nephi is doing. And you’re bith very wrong and I feel sorry for you.

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