LDS Church violated California Fair Political Practices

From California’s Fair Political Practices Commission:

When contributions of $1,000 or more are made during the final days of an election—the time between the last campaign report required to be filed and the end of the election—late contribution reports must be filed within 24 hours of making or receiving the “late” contribution. The following failed to file a late contribution report as required by law:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints failed to timely report making late non-monetary contributions totaling $36,928 in connection with the November 4, 2008, General Election. $5,539 fine.

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One Response to LDS Church violated California Fair Political Practices

  1. Jan Orey says:

    I am wondering if the process of attempting to have the tax-exempt status of LDS church is still in process. If it is still a worthwhile activity. I am curious to know the results of the letter-writing campaign in 2008 so I can determine if it is still the appropriate thing to do. I fully support this agenda but am concerned that, since the last push came in 2008 during the vote on Prop 8, it is a little too late to do anything now. What can I do in 2010? Many thanks

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